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ABEC, Inc. is a world-leading provider of engineering, equipment, and services to the Biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry. For forty years, pharmaceutical companies from around the globe have relied on ABECs' expertise to develop reliable and cost effective manufacturing solutions. Founded by Jack Wilson in 1974, our goal continues to be to provide custom engineered solutions to the Life Science Industry in support of their efforts to provide the world with life changing therapies.

ABEC's combination of experience and capability is unique in the industry. Our portfolio comprises a powerful range of engineering and manufacturing solutions to address the process and equipment needs for manufacturing therapeutics. In addition, we provide extensive aftermarket service and support, including process consulting, equipment upgrades, maintenance services, and customer training. Our customers include most of the 20 largest Pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world. More than 3000 of our products are in use worldwide.

In all that we do, our strategy is singular: align every ABEC project and success with our customers' goals. We strive to understand the entirety of their challenges and stand ready to deliver the technical solutions, service and support they need to succeed. In short, we provide our customers with competitive advantage by delivering the production bioprocess at lower overall cost, faster time to market, and higher productivity.

At ABEC we are proud of our company values which have been cultivated throughout the organization since our founding. ABEC is recognized for its commitment to all employees and this is reflected in the company's dedication to training, opportunities for employee advancement, and generous benefits. The owners and management of the company continue to demonstrate a strong sense of ethics and integrity and have a sincere interest in balancing a spirit of hard work with the recognition that employees are also family and community members.