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With our customers driving their processes to high titer and purity levels, ABEC is positioned to support these changes with custom designed process and equipment to ensure optimal performance for your high value product in those final, critical manufacturing processes. Our team is ready to work with our customers to address potential bottlenecks in downstream processing addressing operability (assembly, robustness), throughput and minimum working volumes with technology and engineered approaches. All of our designs are completed using advanced design software incorporating proprietary algorithms, allowing us to calculate full mass properties for weight and holdup volumes and to determine ideal skid design to meet flow and process requirements.

All of our custom systems are designed to accommodate preferred media, holders or housings. We adhere to BPE requirements and will work out hierarchy of requirements including:

  • Low volume operation
  • Membrane area, run time
  • Cleanability
  • Product recovery
  • Floor space
  • Accessibility