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ABEC was founded at the dawn of the Biotech Era and has been an innovation leader in bioprocess engineering and equipment design ever since.

ABEC Milestones -

  • 1970's - 1st Automated Production Fermenters
  • 1980's - 1st Production Scale Cell Culture Bioreactors
  • 1990's - 1st Large Scale Cell Culture Bioreactors

The innovations shown above required ABEC to develop numerous improvements in systems design, materials and finishes, Clean-in-Place/Steam-in-Place (CIP/SIP) integration, sterile agitator seals, sanitary component design, mixing and mass transfer, documentation, and automation.

Moving into the new millennium, our spirit of leadership in innovation continues as we further develop our products, services and global infrastructure. The strategic investments below reinvented our ability to deliver integrated bioprocess solutions on a global scale.

  • 2001 - New HQ Facility in Bethlehem, PA (Total manufacturing space 29,000 ft2)
  • 2003 - Addition of a Process Modeling Laboratory
  • 2003 - New Manufacturing Facility in Springfield, MO to manufacture Sanitary Vessels (Total manufacturing space 59,000 ft 2 )
  • 2005 - 1st International Projects
  • 2005 - 1st Springfield Expansion (Total manufacturing space 79,000 ft2)
  • 2006 - 1st Bethlehem Expansion (Total manufacturing space 85,000 ft2)
  • 2006 - 1st Single Use Solutions Projects
  • 2007 - 2nd Springfield Expansion (Total manufacturing space 115,000 ft2)
  • 2008 - ABEC Acquires 3S Stainless of Uxbridge, MA to add Downstream Processing Capability to our product portfolio
  • 2011 - Single Use Product Development Initiated (CSRTM)
  • 2012 - 1st Overseas Office (Shanghai, China)
  • 2014 - 2nd Bethlehem Manufacturing Expansion
  • 2014 - 3rd Springfield Manufacturing Expansion (Total manufacturing space 157,500 ft2)
  • 2014 - New EU Facility in Ireland (Total manufacturing space 237,000 ft2)
  • 2018 - Featured in The Wall Street Journal: Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award 2017-2018 Recipient, Jack Wilson, Founder, Chairman, ABEC More Info