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ABEC's Integrated Solution approach combines all the elements of the bulk bioprocess - upstream, downstream, and Clean Utilities - into a single scope of supply. Leveraging ABEC's long experience, complete in-house capabilities, industry leading capacity, custom flexibility, long-term credibility, and 100% focus on the Biopharm industry, this approach has proven to be an effective project delivery paradigm that reduces cost, schedule, and risk.

Integrated Solutions address the chronic communication and accountability challenges these project face. Additionally, this approach greatly reduces the risk of the budget misses that are common in the industry. ABEC can provide a fixed price for the entire bulk process prior to project approval for construction.

ABEC has been delivering Integrated Solutions for years, for projects ranging from large greenfield sites to process retrofits, upgrades and modifications.

Elements of the Integrated Solution

  • Single supply for critical process elements including:
    • Bulk Process and equipment design and engineering.
    • All Bulk process equipment Procure, Design, Build, Test, Install and Qualify.
    • Automation, both for equipment and equipment integration.
    • Documentation, Installation and Testing through IOQ Consistent Template.
    • Interconnect process piping and clean utility storage/distribution.
  • Expanded integrated testing at ABEC. Construct and Test Suites per facility layout (at elevation when possible).
  • Design coordination and communication between CM, Process, and Building (single point ABEC Program Director). Clean approach to managing critical path.

Benefits of the Integrated Solution

integrated systems

Lowest Overall Cost

The Integrated Solutions approach eliminates gaps or redundancy in project scope, reducing change order and scope redundancy risk.

The collaborative Integration Solutions approach also significantly reduces project management and administrative costs

integrated systems

Fastest Time to Market

The Integrated Solutions approach results in shorter project schedule by compressing the project schedule with more parallel design/build activities.
By utilizing common automation and documentation across multiple unit operations and then executing a fully integrated testing at ABEC prior to shipment will result in reduced start-up and qualification time.

integrated systems

Highest Productivity

The small, efficient and collaborative team balances process requirements, operational and maintenance needs, facility constraints, and budget to deliver a quality solution for the multiple unit operations