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With more than 50 vessel craftsman, ABEC is positioned to offer swift response, minimized equipment downtime and fast return to production should your stainless steel vessels require service. Fully compliant with current ASME and BPE requirements, our customers can be assured that our ASME R-stamp represents a standard and quality of repair second to none. All of our repairs can be completed at your site or in our state of the art manufacturing facility.

Our services include:

  • Modification of vessel (heads, shells, heat transfer surface, supports, baffles, sheathing, alcoves, etc.)
  • Sheathing and heat transfer surface repair
  • Replacement of flush mounted connectors, including scenarios where alcove modifications are required.
  • Replacement of magnetic mixer weld plates and installation of new mixer bearings and impellers. Includes fit-up and testing of magnetic mixer drive unit.
  • Custom-drilled and mapped sprayballs with on-site riboflavin testing.
  • Vessel surface remediation to remove scratches, scuffs, gouges, rust, rouge and repair pitting by mechanical and electro polish means.

In addition to our mechanical activities, we have senior level technicians that lead Preventative Maintenance, Vessel Inspection and Training programs to insure your vessels are operating at the highest levels of sterility. Each of these activities are followed by written evaluations with recommendations should deviations be observed.